Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whattaya Say?

Yesterday I was talking with my masters students about how we use language to communicate who we are in the world, whether or not it's the written or spoken native tongue; or visual, textile or material art; music or movement; or some other form; regardless of whether we are the creator or the user of a particular means. (I also resigned from my teaching position, which is not really a shame because, for every hour I get to interact in a discussion like this, there are at least three that are filled with activity far less interesting to my spider brain- I have to keep reminding myself...)

Even though our education system is arguably sadly lacking in many ways in this country, at least we seem more adept than some other nations at sending people out into the world who can think for themselves. (Actually, whether this quality is a function of the education system or simply of society, is also debatable.) One of my students from China I have told, "If you learn nothing else from me, I want you at least to learn to think for yourself. Stop before you ask me a question, and ask yourself whether you can answer it on your own." He asks questions about what I am saying or what I expect before I have a chance to finish speaking. And students who come to my classroom from other countries inevitably carry with them a propensity to look for one tidy factual answer to every question that is placed before them, just as they learned in school.

Anyway, I was thinking this morning, if there were one icon to represent each of the three current (major party) presidential contenders, what would best represent each? Tell me what you think. It can be like the Aubergine House contest. The ones I like best can win a prize, like a BBQ on Aubergine House lawn when I get there, or something more immediate for those who prefer instant gratification, like most of America. Let me think about that.


Rob said...

Okay, for the first major party candidate, Leeschwa, the icon would naturally be either a lawn flamingo, or a pig in a blanket.

What? She's not one of the top three? That's totally Bolshievik!

OK, fine.

Hillary - nerf helmet or nerf policy launcher. Basically it has to make you feel safe and protected, nothing can hurt, though in the end, it is largely ineffective.

McCain - his icon would be a button on a social networking site, that says "Friend Me. Please. I'm begging." He's the shallowest kind of friend that would do whatever is necessary to get the friend add, but after the fact would talk about you behind your back calling you a fat slob with bad hygiene. Then he'd go and bomb Sri Lanka.

Obama - his icon would be some sort of sleek, spandexy superhero outfit. Find yourself at overwhelming odds against inveterate evil? Unibrow? Clogged drain? Call Obama-man! He'll save the day! He even rescues kittens enslaved as sweatshop labor by dictators and hedge fund managers.

There you go. Now what did I win?

zendorphin said...

I'm not even going to TRY and top Rob's answer!...