Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah Palin and Bill Ayers

Let's talk about selfishness today, peeps. First, let me tell you about a Dear Abby letter I read this morning (yes, I did.) "Grinched" was upset that his girlfriend gave the dozen roses he'd bought her for Valentine's Day to a young man in a store who was beside himself because he couldn't afford to buy his own GF roses for the occasion. Yep, this "Grinched" considers his girlfriend's actions "thoughtless and insensitive."

OK, am I so far off base as to not be a good American? Are we all really so selfish as to think when we buy roses for someone they are still our roses and that person should put us up on some pedestal and think of us while staring at the damn roses all day? To my mind, "Grinched" is really "The Grinch," and his girlfriend, who probably would have liked to have looked at those beautiful roses and thought about how nice it was to have them, was thoughtful and sensitive. So, Abby says she can understand the dude felt upset at spending so much money to have the roses go bye-bye, but really, what better use than to brighten someone else's day (two people's) with an occasion they would not normally have been able to enjoy. The way I see it, hellz, four people could have benefitted from the whole situation, but one chose to be angry and pity himself instead. Selfish? I think so.

Let's move on, with that "s" word selfish, to Sarah Palin.

Read this and tell me she isn't:

Look, peeps, I can fully understand the request for two bottles of water and bendy straws for the girl so she can be comfy and give a speech and have her whistle all wetted and not be coughing or rasping or whatever. However, what the hell does she need a giant jet for?

All of you out there who think this woman represents you, if she truly does, you are not repressed, oppressed, downtrodden or anything else, just selfish and myopic, and probably carrying a crapload more money in your wallet and bank account than most Americans- and not because the rest of us are lazy. Can you say "slaves to money and power?"

Or, perhaps, again, I am just a crappy American, as in not a true red white and blue patriotic one.

And now, on to our final subject: Bill Ayers. You know, that "terrorist." Let me be honest and indignant here for a moment. See, the University of Wyoming cancelled a speaking visit by Ayers, and has most recently decided he can not speak on campus even if a student request a venue for him, without the University having to pay a red cent. So, the latest is that Ayers has an attorney who is threatening to sue the University for bludgeoning free speech. On this we can all agree, right? Violation of first amendment rights?

Well, apparently not. There are forces out there, scared people with money and power in this state, who call Ayers a terrorist (much like Selfish Sarah did during Presidential campaign time), and call him out for killing people. I kid you not; the local paper has actually printed letters in which people accuse him of killing people, when the buildings his group bombed (and Ayers himself has said, ya know, maybe that wasn't common sense?) were empty.

Yet these same myopic and terrified (of exactly what, I do not know, and my guess is they don't know themselves because they are too busy blustering in their sheep herd to actually go sit under a tree alone and think about it) people would threaten Bill Ayers's safety?

Why do I simply think this is not OK? I guess, once again, I am a terrible, unpatriotic American. If that's the case, so be it. I'M NOT YOU MEAN-SPIRITED, SCARED AND SUPERFICIAL PEOPLE!

Below is the text of an article on the latest Ayers development in Laramie, from the Billings (MT) Gazette. I thought it appropriate, as this is not just a local- or even regional- issue.

Peeps, this is an important moment: Either we can recognize that these people who claim to be patriotic Americans would violate the constitution and stop them, or we could continue along in our daily little sheep ways and let democracy cave under the political will of those same crushers of democratic values.


Anonymous said...

Don't like the U.S.?
Things are so "awful" for you?
Move! Problem solved,

Leeschwa- MissDangerPants said...

No, you don't get it, butthead. Can I just call you Butthead? Or would you like to provide a name aside from Anonymous?

I DO like my country. I LOVE this country and am glad that we can all voice our opinions... My concern is that some mean-spirited people- are YOU one of them, Butthead?- are trying to take that away from us all, along with other rights people have in a free, democratic country, because they are afraid of the opposition.'

Is that clear, Butthead, or do I have to make myself clearer? I do understand there are many people in this country who can't see past their own goddam big noses.

jennifer said...

Tell it sister! I think it's outrageous that we can't have a speaker come on campus. Especially one that isn't being paid by the University.. If you don't want to hear him, don't come to the show. It's that simple.