Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hate (Be warned: filthy language)

OK, people, so here is how it started: This morning I was catching up on e-mail, cleaning out my inbox and so on, and I realized that my ex-husband had not yet responded to an e-mail I sent like a week ago about this time share condo we have had for a long time and no longer use and continue to pay maintenance fees on anyway and keep talking about selling and I have listed on a website and continue to update and since he still has the same name he gets the annual bill yet is consistently late telling me what I owe for the year and when it is due and then offers to pay the late fee and I let him because I ask him to let me know how much and when and am confident it's his own goddam fault if he can't be responsible enough to let me know on time... so, anyway, I send him another e-mail saying, basically, "Look, I know you say you are busy, but it will take you just a few minutes to read and respond to my recent e-mail to which I attached a letter I wrote, even though I too have been busy, attempting to take care of this getting the condo out of our lives thing for good- if you really want to get rid of it, as you claim you do." You know, it would not bother me nearly as much if he were a responsible adult, but let's be honest here: He is NOT. Yet he spent years bitching about how irresponsible my mother was. The guy has, all his life, been allowed to act irresponsibly, and someone has picked up the tab, whether his parents or his latest wife's parents, I imagine, financially, or me keeping up the house and paying the bills and so on and so forth, and apparently other things I wasn't even aware of, because when I left him, someone close to us said, "I wondered when you were going to stop babysitting him." Well, in the condo deal, it seems I am still babysitting him. Jerbus cripes.

So, that's how my day started, but I got it off my chest, and I will shut up to you all about it now and will never bring it up again- unless to let you know that he has become responsible in the time share arena.

Then, I went to buy groceries. I pulled into the parking lot, and this young couple from Texas pulled in off the street, as I was driving straight, and proceeded to cut me off with a quick left-turn. OK, fine, douchebags. You're from Texas; you're assholes. (Sorry, all my friends from and in Texas, but really, I know or know of more people from and in Texas who are jerks than there are all of you.)

I did my grocery shopping and wheeled the cart out toward my car to find that some lazy shite had left his or her cart right up next to my driver's side door. And the cart corral was exactly across the parking lane. What the hell? People are too friggin' tired after their long slog through the store and then packing their chips and soda into the car to walk their lard asses across the lane to park the empty cart they used? So they have to leave it up against my driver's side door, to boot?

I seriously am beginning to wonder why I ever have thought or would think that I love people. People are selfish, greedy, rude, irresponsible dipshits for the most part. The FFM has encouraged me to hate. I'm considering taking his advice.

Merry Christmas, assholes of this country. I hope Santa pisses in your stockings as soon as he's done with B.Gates- and all over your giant flat screen TVs, too, until they develop hopeless short circuits.

Ho ho f-ing ho.

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