Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She said "yes!" She said "yes!"

I woke up this morning, and several times during the night, with all kinds of thoughts in my head, some of which I thought I'd flesh out here. Then, I read my weekly MegaVote update and saw that Cynthia Lummis finally voted "yes" on some bill! This one:

Transportation Security Administration Authorization Act -
Vote Passed (397-25, 11 Not Voting)
This bill would authorize programs, advisory groups and spending to improve security at U.S. airports and rail systems. It also prohibits the TSA from using whole-body imaging machines at primary security checkpoints of airports.
Rep. Cynthia Lummis voted YES

Now, I personally am a little disappointed about that last part because I like to dance for the whole-body imaging machine, especially in the busiest of airports. I feel pretty strongly that it's my civic duty to entertain fellow travelers who have to endure the hold-ups while little old white ladies are hauled aside and checked more thoroughly than the rest of us.

But, no matter! She said "yes" to something! The woman is not incorrigible.

Speaking of such things, this will be my last comment before I go feed the dogs and clean a house and work in a garden (I am thinking of writing a best-seller called, "Jilted GM Employees, Come to the Successful Side: a Primer on Being Resourceful in What's Left of the Marketplace." What do you think?)...

... Anyway, the other day at lunch Nanners mentioned how refreshing it is to have President who is willing to compromise for a change, to look for common ground, rather than the hard-headed precedent. I found that even though I am in supreme disagreement with several of Mr. Obama's recent moves, I agree with her comment- though I prefer the term "collaborate" to "compromise."

More to come. Crap, I haven't even touched on the subject most dear to my heart during my recent travels: service by service employees; or any number of other topics that are stewing in my nog.

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Anonymous said...

I'd prefer it if we gave all of them pink slips. Do they make good food?