Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Box Mentality

Our second of three installments by the infamous Guest Editor Diz, AKA Edison Rathbane:

The big box stores have money making figured out. They maximize profitability, and hack-back their costs when they can. There are some strategies you can use if you know their game. Let’s take Wallyworld, and Homeboydepot for example. Both tend to have their greatest numerosity of employees on duty when the least number of customers are present. They have this charted, and know their timetables. This allows them to maximize their employee effectiveness in stocking, and working their stock. When the greatest number of shoppers are present, the fewest employees are present. This maximizes profit because fewer employees need to take the time to assist shoppers. This doesn’t hurt sales for either company to the extent that it positively affects profitability. Here’s your chance. Figure out when the greatest number of employees is there, and shop then. You won’t be fighting the crowds, and you will be able to get assistance. Most often you will find that this is when the store first opens for the day. Contrary to popular belief, employees like to do a good job, and be helpful. If they seem a little on the dumb side… please realize that they are just probably tired. Management wants to get as much out of them as possible... it effects their profit sharing.

The big boxers also push the edge with cash register employees who work the “Front End”. Register employees generally get a little extra in their pay checks because out of the new hires, they have the most skills that need to come to bear immediately. They are handling the money. To maximize profit they cross train most employees that work shifts when the most customers are there to also be able to work the registers that are very frequently short of position employees. This virtually assures greatly reduced assistants/associates on the floor when it’s busy. The same wisdom is true here. If you want assistance… shop when there are fewest shoppers.

Tomorrow: Fighting Back

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