Friday, June 26, 2009

Economic Rebellion: New Orleans Speaks

From Brian,The New Orleans Dixieland Trumpet Player

I have done the Adv. Method #1 but it just adds to the agony of shopping and waiting so I suffer as much as the suckers behind me. Nothing will improve the shopping nightmare in the big box places because it is all self-service but you are right about not being able to find any help at peak hours. 100 years ago, more or less, Henry Ford offered his employees $5 per day which would be over $100/day now. With this, he got employee stability and kept the smartest workers, one of more of whom came up with the ideas leading to his assembly line. Ford considered his employees an investment, even though he resisted the UAW until 1940? In our newly built big box, Wallyworld, I would venture to say that at least! half the employees are retirement age or above. Some of these oldtimers can barely walk but they are schlepping the carts back to the store in the desert heat and doing other chores that should be done by a career-minded 20 year old, if there is such a thing. No matter what generation you're from, life is a big waste of time with no creativity, no chance for success, no profit-sharing, no emotional support, no medical care. Everything is built on Wally's model. Maybe Ford made some mistakes and maybe Hitler liked him a little too much but his ideas made his company successful along with his employees on 5-6 continents. How can you compare Wallyworld to that?. We are regressing, de-volving. We are in the big box and can't get out! And if we do get out we'll fall off the edge of the Earth, because it's flat, y'know?

K, everyone, Edison Rathbane is chomping at the bit to get his next installment out here, and I am deep in the throes of building up a website so we can keep the dinos in Laramie, and a report on philanthropy in natural resources (you all know that as individuals in this country, we contribute more to causes annually than corporations and foundations combined, right?) So, anyway, I will get a couple guesties in for a few days- and the FFM and I are going on hiatus this weekend- then I'll be back sometime next week with Service American Style Pt. III: How to Get Stellar Service at a Restaurant: Always Bring Some Reading Material in Case the Waitstaff Are too Busy Flirting and Making Party Plans to Do The Job for Which They Are Paid.

Well, crap, I guess I just covered that one, right?

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