Thursday, March 12, 2009

What the hell happened to responsibility, people?

Police focus on gunman's father in German shootings
By Nicola Leske

WINNENDEN, Germany, March 12 (Reuters) - German authorities are looking into whether to press charges against the gun-collecting father of the teenager who went on a shooting rampage at his former school on Wednesday, killing 15 people.
The motive for the attack by 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer remained unclear a day after the massacre in the southwestern town of Winnenden.The teenager, who neighbours described as a loner with a fondness for violent videos, appears to have taken his own life after police engaged him in a shootout hours after he fled the school and hijacked a car.
Kretschmer had taken a legally-registered 9-millimetre Beretta pistol owned by his father, a member of a shooting club.Police said the father's other 14 guns were locked in a gun-closet as required by German law, but that he kept the Beretta in his bedroom.
"Everything here points to negligence on the part of the father as far as the storage of this weapon is concerned," said police spokesman Ralf Michelfelder.
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When this one gets milled over, like all the other kiddie shooting cases, I wonder if the real negligence on the part of the parents that comes to light is having kids and then not paying attention to them? That hasn't been the case yet, so I doubt it.

Besides, who's really responsible here? When I was a kid my parents spent more time fighting with each other and bowling than hanging out with us kids, but not one of the four of us ever picked up and used any of the guns my own dad kept around the house, in an unlocked gun cabinet and later when he had to sell the cabinet- probably to buy more Christmas presents because that was the way my mom thought best to say "I love you"- just around, and went on a shooting rampage.

What the hell, people? It's like not only are we not willing to take responsibility for our own actions any more, but we don't want the next generation of adults to have to either. Crap, I saw some guy yesterday at Albertson's with a tattooed number on his ankle, you know like you might get in prison, except that this one was in faded red ink so was obviously a fake and a statement against Authoritay. I once worked with a girl who did the same thing- fake teardrops on her cheek to show the number of gang members she'd murdered... that kind of stuff all the time. What do you think that kind of shite says? Same thing it always did: kids want attention, and not to have to wait until they do something dastardly to get it heavy-handed. Think about it; we all wanted that when we were kids, didn't we?

So, yeah, neglect on the part of the parents, all right, but a kid makes a choice to try to look badass, and then a kid makes a choice to disrespect the lives of others by roughing them up or killing them dead, to get attention. There's responsibility all around that we'd rather shut our eyes to than confront because we're a bunch of dumbasses who don't want to take it on.

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