Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OMG! People are losing jobs and downsizing!

I had no idea! I mean, when NPR is playing all day at work, I don't hear the stories of the people who have lost their jobs, the people who have to lay their workers off, the people who are scaling back and only eating out once a week, the people who don't have jobs because people can't afford to buy RVs like they used to, all that. I never hear these stories? Where are these stories? Shouldn't these Americans be featured on Talk of the Nation and the little features that NPR does on a really regular- I mean all the time- basis on Morning Edition and whatever the hell comes on after Terry Gross spares me more torture and finally goes away?

Then again, I suppose there aren't that many of us who have lost jobs or feel severe discomfort that we could at any moment lose our jobs, or that really have cut back on things like eating out. That's just a few suckers here and there, right? The rest of us shouldn't have to hear about their problems all the time when we can afford RVs (if we want them) and college educations and eating out every night if we feel like it. What is this, some kind of economic downturn or something they're trying to paint?

Crap, people, at least I get a spell with the BBC. You know, those guys actually know and talk about that cops and soldiers are being killed in northern Ireland; yeah, it's true, that all didn't end with The Wind That Shakes the Barley; that the Chinese government calls the Dalai Lama a liar- everyone knows that dude is "at his wits' end" a "marginalised old monk" with a grudge against the popular politicians; that Sarkozy went to Mexico and offered President Calderon police aid, in a visit in which the two also unveiled a helicopter factory plan- some have claimed Sarkozy is scoping out export diversity, when 80% now go to the US, but I don't know why they would want to send less to us, when we all have so much money and are buying like crazy these days.

Could a country be any more collectively narcissistic?

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