Monday, December 8, 2008

One Side of the Coin

I am working on the other side of the coin, but it takes far longer and cuts into dog feeding and kitchen viewing time, than simply saying, "ALL PAYDAY LENDING BASTARD PLACES SHOULD BE BURNED TO THE GROUND- after hours of course, so that no one is on the receiving end of bodily harm."

I just learned that in Wyoming, currently payday loan interest rates are as high as 780%. Peeps, those places give me the willies when I pass them; I know they are out to keep the person who works and lives from paycheck to paycheck working and living from paycheck to paycheck while someone else walks off with a lot of that person's hard-earned tiny wages, but 780%? Those bastards are so lucky that punching someone in the head with a jacknife is totally illegal- unlike extortionist interest rates on payday loans.

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zendorphin said...

Yep, 780% is ridiculous. What is unfortunate is that, for some people, cash advances on paychecks are the only way to pretend they can accomplish the American Dream, which is an %#*%ing joke anyway....