Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whose Conspiracy?

OK, so yesterday I am doing the dishes from the weekend, and suddenly I hear a "crack" in the pan and feel an intense sharp pain in my finger; my Aubergine House mug handle has broken off the cup and stabbed me in the right middle finger and sliced a huge gaping wound with blood and flesh pouring out. Those of you who know me will understand the gravity, as I am sitting at the table now, Wednesday morning, still not having been able to finish washing dishes leftover from the weekend. Tragic. The top of my finger is protuding from two bandaids like a hot cocktail sausage. I don't dare to take the bandages off because last night after Gift Reject Potluck when I did that to try to clean the wound up a little, the dark red liquid that normally resides in my body began spewing out again immediately, and water on the fresh flesh made me scream and feel like fainting.

Am I overreacting here? I'm the one in pain- emotional and physical; let me decide. Really, who doesn't want me to be in Aubergine House in 2012- or 2016 if Mr. Obama makes it two terms? Is it the Japanese people who made the mug? Did my VP candidate, who sent the mug, betray me? Did some Laramie Republican sneak into my house and make a little crack that would easily break as soon as the mug hit the dishwater and contacted my finger? Or some Laramie Democrat, even? (Because Laramie is one of the few places in Wyoming that actually has Democrats for residents, in any number, or who dare to vocalize. For crying out loud; this state produced a worse showing for Obama than even Utah, proportionally.)

So, you see how this issue is overriding my joy at how easy it was, once I got word, to register for classes and sign off on financial matters yesterday afternoon, and how lacking in trauma it was for me to accept the words of Lord Tim MacFlesh Renter when he told me to suck it up and get XP for my laptop because Vista really does indeed suck as far as compatibility with hard drives. (RobRohrTM, I don't know what system you've got set up there, but you are the only person I know who has touted the value of that nasty software, and I doubt Ray Ozzie's plans to reinvigorate Microsoft and redeem the company with those of us who want Bill Gates to go down in flames- not real flames, but the proverbial ones, of course.)

Who knows? Maybe the QLink my sister sent me really is working its charms and making me mellower than usual. Often after the FFM leaves at an ungodly hour in the morning, I stay awake thinking. It's normal; that's a time I generally wake up anyway, whether or not he is getting up to go to work. So, this morning I lay there listening to the wind gather and explode in insanely powerful gusts outside, like massive swells on the ocean breaking and crashing on rocks, and I wondered what forces really are at work producing these insufferably windy winters we've had for a couple years now, and why Israelis and Palestinians won't just get along and live together. (Don't think I'm being naive here; this is a subject I've considered long and hard from several angles, including biblically, historically and politically, unlike people like, say Bush and his team did in Iraq. The bottom line is that there isn't a whole lot of humanity exuding itself over there, huh?) And whether I could remember to contact people at SER about my interdisciplinary PhD idea today, or whether I will even be able to perform in three hard sciences classes at once. But I wasn't worried.

And then I started thinking, like I have been lately, that sometimes when life is rolling along so easily, as it is presently for me, people ought to wonder when the next big trouble will assault them from behind, in the back of the head with a sharp hatchet. Or maybe not.

Here's some cool stuff from Orion mag. It's an article and slide show called "Human/Nature." Sometimes I think Orion goes too far with the sentimentality vs. the action, but occasionally there's a gem in there.

Whattaya think?

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