Friday, January 23, 2009

What's This Dead Pakistani Doing on My Couch?

I woke up about half an hour ago, just as I was sitting down to a huge Christmas feast in some fancy big old hotel. It smelled so good, too, and my Mom and I were talking about stove biscuits. I thought she'd made them when I was a kid, but she insisted she had done the kind you hang up in the air. Whatever that means... they get fluffier up there? So, the FFM ought to be pleased I was having a dream about hanging out in a nice place having a pleasant time with my Mom. And there were cookies in the dream- my homemade, several kinds. But, I woke up.

Earlier, I woke up from a dream in which I had figured out how to get the quarters out of a vending machine- one of those old ones that takes your change but doesn't give you credit for it and then won't spit it out for you when you pull down on the "return" lever, and it won't give you your candy item either? Well, I was walking around with eight bucks and some in change, mostly quarters, filling up and weighing down my pants pocket. That was pretty sweet. I figured in the dream that enough people had lost their money in that machine that I might as well take every quarter I could get my hands on and buy some candy and hand it around.

Anyway, on to the real world:

From the BBC:
Underwater ironing, a cow in a car, an alpaca in a pub and the Presidential lookalike.
It's the week's weird and wonderful video stories in Newsbeat's Odd Box -- with Dominic Byrne.

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