Saturday, November 29, 2008

Radical Zealots Use Conventional Weapons to Kill NY Worker

On November 28, Black Friday in the United States, a throng of extremist consumer-shoppers, using a weapon that has served in battle since time immemorial, their physical bodies, successfully killed a 34-year-old retail worker at a corporate giant Wal-Mart store in Long Island, New York, during a mad rush that also shattered the glass doors of the establishment.

Meanwhile, four other people, including a 28-year-old woman reported as pregnant, were treated for minor injuries following the assault.

While charges could be filed, according to police, using surveillance video and eyewitness accounts would be difficult in establishing direct involvement and culpability in this criminal act. If other stories of trampling deaths during impassioned rushes at religious pilgrimage are any indication of consequences, expect none, except for the collateral damage experienced by many who found themselves empty-handed of flat-screen TVs and other idols of worship for which they had arisen early and come out to fight.
(if for some odd reason you haven't seen this already)

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Andree Kehn said...

Extremist consumer-shoppers. Best description yet.