Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alex The Talking Parrot and the Q of the Day

This guy was soooooo cool! The woman who worked with him before he died, Irene Pepperberg, just wrote a memoir titled "Alex and Me." Another book I'd like to add to my collection.

All that aside, here is the Question of the Day: Who raises a kid to go away to college and while on assignment for a General Bio class, walk to the top floor of a museum and spit down over the balcony rail to the floor below?

This is NOT a rhetorical question; really, it begs an answer. And if that is your kid, I'd like to warm your arse, too.


zendorphin said...

I think that, like a good Zen koan, the process of looking for a correct answer results in transcending this question.

However, here's my stab at a response: It's more a matter of who DOESN'T raise a child to do that; my guess is the kid wasn't raised at all.

Leeschwa- MissDangerPants said...

Voila. Yeah, I was wondering if other people would come to the same conclusion I did. Thus far, they, including you, have.

Good point re: the zen koan. When I think of it, I think the questions I ask Us Americans to ask, like the one above, I wish to not be rhetorical because they are better answered not by transcending the question so much as going beneath the surface. Does that make sense?