Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

If you are still undecided, it is not too late to write me in on Tuesday; look at how much fun Aubergine House would become!

For the FFM, as requested, tomorrow is the night to turn your clocks back. This is the longest span of time we have gone between springing ahead and falling back- ever-- since we started this business.

Halloween for me is more than a day to dress like a kook, wear my slinky black leather dress for the one day a year it's warranted, and drink cheap beer. It is also a day in which I light candles and remember important people in my life who are no longer here. I did not know Tony HIllerman personally, but boy will I miss his books. He had an insight into cultures that was easy, and a manner that was humble. In memoriam, today.


Her Excellency The Queen said...

Whoa! You always know how to pick up the best studs. Can't wait to meet this guy!

Perhaps tonight?


Adams said...

Sweet merciful Lord.

There is so much wrong with that costume it went all the way around to being right again. Happy Halloween, you guys!