Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ah, Democracy

As though we weren't expecting something, especially with all the crap going on about the myriad ways Republicans are trying to keep people's voices from being heard- again- and how Acorn needs to beef up the recruiting process so Mickey Mouse doesn't show up at the polls multiple times on November 4.

"High Turnout and Passions May Defeat Voting System." (How sad is that?)

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Mattie said...

The political landscape of our nation has become ugly, I fear. Oh, it's never been what you would call 'pleasant', but there is tiresome back-biting and finger-pointing while our country has serious issues that need to be resolved immediately. I'm on the fence about both candidates. I admire Obama's position in this election, but still have questions. McCain has many things against him...mainly his age, the failure of the Bush administration, and a vp running mate that cannot possibly have enough experience under her belt to back up the president. I only hope that the elected one is the right one for the job. I want only what is best for our nation. Until the very end (and beyond) there will be enormous controversy over voter fraud. No doubt there is voter fraud from both sides, but the pot of interest these candidates are stirring is bubbling over with excitement, and quite a few other things, as well. We'll hope for the best...thanks for the link.(smile)