Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zero Dollar Bill, Y'All

Quite late last night as I sat listening to CNBC, a Money Show came on, and some Money Mongers were sitting at a big expensive table explaining the foibles of not passing this bill, and a fat-faced jerkoff Money Monger Man said that the simple fact is, the American people do not understand, and that is why they disapprove. But, not only do the American people not understand how the world of finance works, neither does Congress, and those lawmakers are waddling around making Very Bad Choices for this country, while they, the Money Mongers sitting at the table, KNOW what is right for this country and are watching the CongressJerks make a huge mistake for All of America!

And they talked as though it hurt them badly to have to say this, as they wiggled in their fancy chairs in front of the cameras in all their omniscience. And I thought: You a**holes want me to trust you, still, to call the shots for this nation, financially, when you f^(%ed up some badly in the first place? You and the CongressJerks both can just simmer down and let this thing go. Let the markets crash all over the place, and THEN maybe we can pick up the pieces. But I don't trust the Money Mongers any more than I trust the CongressJerks.

And where has this man been: "President pushes for bailout:
Failure to move now will inflict 'painful and lasting damage' to the economy, he warns" (Yahoo! Home Page today)- aside from Far Removed from Reality as Usual?

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