Monday, April 14, 2008

Food and Mood

Sometimes it's painfully easy to bitch. But what is wrong with me when people in Haiti and Egypt and Mozambique are in an uproar because they can't afford to eat, period, and my complaints are about the fact that the meaning of "expanding" to the Safeway supermarket in this town referred to prices, not selection. You can now shop along a larger price range; for instance, I bought a box of Cinnamon Crunch for $2 a few months ago (and am still eating from it; don't puke), and I can also spend $3.50 on one bag of frozen vegetables that will last about a meal, organic or not. But you can no longer (I swear I used to be able to do this) buy fresh mozarrella and calamata olives from buckets in the deli. Maybe it really was that long ago I shopped there that I am confusing the pathetic establishment for Hannaford's in Burlington or something.

Enough of this. See, it is really pointless for me to yipe about not being able to get a fresh olive when there are people starving in the world because we consume too much engine fuel. That's only one reason, but we all may as well squirm a little bit instead of pointing at China this evening. China has received far more attention recently with that torch thing than is really warranted. I mean really, so what if there are more people in that country than in a whole passel of starving nations? We are still here in the US the most energy-consumptive country at this time on this earth. And as my Dad says, in his enchantingly corny way, "When the old mother is done with us, she'll just toss us off." Or something akin.

Really enough. What I want to talk about, apparently aside from what I just mentioned, is the list of stories that came to me this afternoon by way, as usual, of my sweet little NYT News and Politics updates. (BTW, speaking of politics, I got mail from Anthony Pollina the other day. You have to love him. Vote for him for Governor if you live in Vermont. You know, that is a small but generally sensible state. After all, you sent Bernie Sanders into the wilds of Washington; and Pat Leahy, who knows how to not shut up; and Jim Jeffords, Republican turncoat for a painfully obvious reason, and a good man. Hi, Sophie. Where are you these days? At least in Vermont politics makes sense. I even like Howard Dean, even though I campaigned against him. We were in the black there when he was Governor. Whatever problem this country still in its Puritan Aftermath has against being a little excited, a little emotional: UGH!)

So, let's go down the list before I kick myself off here and go back to prepping for my Wednesday interview (or just go to bed and whimper. I learned today, BTW, that not only must I pay $200 for teacher certification in Wyoming if I wish to grace the public schools with my presence and be paid for it, but I also must spend upwards of another hundred bucks to take a test saying I am qualified to teach Social Studies. I will go no further on this topic at this time.)

Here it is, from this afternoon's NYT updates:

Zimbabwe Court Refuses to Release Vote Results ,

=== There's a "democracy" for you. Solution: Go, George, Go. Send some troops in quick to show them how it's really done.

J.K. Rowling, in Court, Assails Potter Lexicon ,

=== I changed my mind on this one. Ask me in person for details. Changing my mind, by the way, does not make me "wishy-washy" or "waffley" or that kind of thing; it does make my mind not a steel trap like George Bush's, who thinks not backing down when one makes a mistake equals integrity, even if it leads to a lot of people dying, or some similar Bad Situation. (VOTE FOR ME.)

Warring Over Small-Town Credentials,

=== Obama was born in Honolulu; Hillary was born in Chicago. "Say no more." (To appease JK Rowling, a poor girl who got rich writing books with ridiculous names in them, I have placed quotation marks around the text of my comment, which was ripped off directly from Monty Python.) The best part of this headline, and dastardly new "competition"? "Debates over shots of whiskey, gutter balls and costly ham on the campaign trail." How much more American can it get? Sadly, my bet, since my MLB fantasy winning streak bid isn't winning, is that neither one of these yahoos- yes, I just called Barack one, too- knows what it is really like to be a smalltown working class schmuck. I know plenty of people who currently are smalltown schmucks, and are working class, but they don't have jobs. Quit putting on airs, you two, ignore each other, and speak to the people directly, please. Then follow through if you are elected. (John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone; pretty cool, but Istill feel bad for military kids.)

First Question for Clinton: Be Aggressive or Lay Off?

=== Answer: Just shut up. I can't decide if hearing Bush's or Hillary's voice makes me more nauseuos anymore. And it is not just the cadence; the subject matter and manner in which it is presented could improve immensely.

Views on Money for Iraq War, and What Else Could Be Done With It,

=== Do we really need journalists to inform us on what else could be done with it?

Democrats Wrangle Over Words and Beliefs.

=== If they would get together and present a unified front... where is Lech Walesa and solidarity when needed?... maybe this country would stand a chance. As it is, they will not.

I realize I have made a rather aggressive campaign pitch this evening. Oh, and offended people if they were reading what I'd written about them? I only wish.

Next meal you eat, ask yourself what's worth it.

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