Thursday, April 3, 2008

M Doughty Dought

Some people's jobs (Uncy, when you are in my Cabinet, you can still do this) allow them to find and listen to this stuff at work.

M Doughty Dought's favorite book is "Go, Dog. Go!" Plus, he's singing like only he sings, and you gotta listen.


Rob said...

I'm not familiar with this "Doughty Dought" character, but I assure you, "Go Dog, Go!" was my first favorite book growing up.

It was full of high drama, fast cars, loose poodles, jet setting from party to party, and blunt and cutting dialog.

"Do you like my hat?"
"I do not like your hat."

Success against overwhelming odds, and outlandish haberdashery combine to make this a cracking good read.

Two paws up.

Leeschwa- MissDangerPants said...

"I do like your hat!"
Yes, what happened to the classics?

Adam said...

This cabinet position gets more awesome-sounding every day.