Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nickie and the US Campaign for Burma

I just heard from my dear old friend and roommate Nickie Sekera, who is currently Northeast Regional Director for the US Campaign for Burma. Nickie is a heroine to me; she remains driven and focused, knows her heart and follows it. (And she claims this job is like being in school, she's learning so much, without the classes. She also gets to travel to Hollywood and do fundraisers with celebrities- a definite perk.) Nickie says, "Damn- I love your blog! I just went to the Democratic caucus here in Fryeburg today, but I may change my mind and vote for you!!!" Check out the Campaign for Burma website. (See Links.)

1 comment:

Nickie S said...

You are too sweet and hilarious! Glad you haven't changed those parts of you....rock on sister!