Thursday, May 21, 2009

More disastrous than a rampant house fire

OK, people, so a few months ago I bought a new file box for all my important papers because the old, cool basic heavy brown paper one was finally falling apart. The new one I cannot stand. It is not very functional, and in fact is not functional at all now because I just ripped it to shreds in a fit of fury and threw it away.

Anyway, I am supposed to provide I-9 employment documentation for this little job I am set up to do this summer, before I leave town for canyon country tomorrow with my bro. So, I went into the crappy new file box to find my "Passpport" file folder, a manila folder containing passport, social security card and certified copy of birth certificate. I hunted the whole thing over, literally did tear it apart, and could not find the "Passport" folder. All I can think is that I threw it away, inadvertently, when I tossed out the nice old brown paper file box. So, I am really pissed at myself.

But further, I am completely annoyed to think that I may not be able to work this summer at this job because I made a dumb mistake that, knowing how bureaucratic institutions run, will take months, at least, and probably quite a bit of money- that I won't have if I don't work- to remedy. And as a person born and raised and working as a productive member of society in this country for many many years, I cannot help but feel somewhat cheated by a system that could easily put a single bureaucrat at a computer screen to look me up and say, "Oh, yeah, she won't blow us up and has been working legally for a long time and should be able to continue to do so." And then I wouldn't have to be out a job this summer.

So, I know it's my fault for throwing the folder away, which is so weird for me; normally, I would check and double check to be sure I had put things where they belong- and I could swear I did... But, it seems like a giant inequity for a person like myself to be hindered by a bloated, ineeficient system of insurance that the wrong people aren't getting the jobs.


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