Monday, June 9, 2008

Knives, Computers, Mens New Sexual Needs

I've been away for a while. Sorry. I'd say I've been looking for a job, which I have (just in case I don't make it to Aubergine House this time around), along with thousands of other Americans, but I've also been sitting around thinking that a lot of my time is spent wondering why people do the things they do, and why ask the rest of you? Well, then again, why not?

Tokyo Knife Rampage

I'm not really asking "why," in this case. I think the reasons people are committing these acts of violence against people they don't even know, en masse, with increasing frequency in places like the US and Japan, are pretty transparent. The question is why we don't do anything? "We..."

Plus, there is the propensity I have to slip inside what I call my 16-track mind and wander. Some really interesting things happen in there, and disconnect me from people sometimes. (Good thing Presidents have___ House Spokespeople.) And there are the tangibles of the immediate environment to distract me from things like job seeking and blogging, like books and kites and baking cookies. (If we lived in the cookie economy I dream of, I'd have it made economically.) At least I am not consumed by the virtual world in front of me on the laptop that sits on my kitchen table.

While in Denver with Netiquette back in late March seeking, and finding(!) fabric for her wedding outfit, I wandered down to the coffee-and-magazine shop in the lobby of our Fancy Hotel on Sunday morning and bought a tall cup of strong hot coffee and the April issue of Glamour magazine and sat on a couch, the upper end kind the looks of which belie its lack of seating comfort, to read and watch people traffic. An interview with several guys about "Men's New Sexual Needs" (yes, that's right) revealed that one of them is that men need "at least as much attention as your laptop." (Have they all figured out it works the other way around, too?)

People of this Fine Country, if I were your President, you would not have to worry about me spending more time playing computer games (and subsequently running around knifing people; that's what some would suggest is the next step, right?) than attending to you in person. (Though I do love my Facebook and Scrabulous and currently would welcome at least a couple new challenges at that table.)

Enough for now; it's late enough in the morning to start pestering people about jobs. (Apparently there are more jobs, proportional to people needing them, than a person can shake a stick at here in Wyoming, as opposed to other states, just not in Albany county)

Congratulations, Ken Griffey, Jr:

Oh, and check out the new Beastie Boys: The Mix-Up. The Guardian claims it's "for fans only" and gives The Mix-Up just 2 stars, claiming the music, all "jazz-tinged instrumentals," doesn't stand alone. However, I'm with Roberto on this one, that you have to respect guys who have been around a long time, are considered solidly as a particular genre, and then bust out with something new and different. Plus, the tracks stand up just fine as interesting and worthy dinner party music. Maybe it'll be on the menu for my first Aubergine House get-together.


zendorphin said...

I've removed myself from the Scrabulous realm for awhile. I'm tired of getting my @$$ kicked... But maybe I'll make an exception this once...

zendorphin said...

Also--and correct me if I'm wrong and you've done it on purpose--isn't it supposed to be "knives"?

Leeschwa- MissDangerPants said...

Yeah! Ooof, how'd that happen? All fixed now. Thanks! So, let's talk Scrabulous strategy.